Saskia December 30, 2012

2012 has been an incredible year. On last new years eve I told myself I would start working harder and looking back I am really happy with my progress. 2011 was a horrible year and after leaving college I felt like nothing. Making a living out of photography is so hard but I am very lucky to have persistent, supportive and EXTREMELY helpful parents. My garage was transformed into my very own studio, it was a real boost for me making me want to shoot more and also giving me an opportunity to take on client jobs in the luxury of my own home. My parents have put so much effort and time into make it homey and workable for me and as a thank you I hope to make them very proud one day…

2012 started (very literally) at 6.30am driving to Devon with my best friend to shoot an idea,  since then I have done countless shoots.  Ideas still come to me everyday, I carry round my notepad full of scribbles that no one else would ever understand but to me its my next shoot.
Some of my favourites shoots have been –

Lara Jades Workshop held at Hasselblad Studios, London (Apr 2012)

Saskia Lawsons photography from Lara Jade Workshop

‘Uzuri’ For HUF magazine (Aug 2012)

HUF Magazine fashion editorial

Halloween shoot collaboration with Rouge Pony (Oct 2012)

Rouge Pony halloween shoot

Finding other creative people to work with was one of my goals this year and I can definitely tick that box.  My best discovery was definitely Chhimmi. Since meeting her my photos have been beautifully perfected by her flawless makeup and ideas. A huge amount of love and thankyous to her for keeping me inspired and putting up with me and my crazy photo shoots.  Being surrounded by other people with a love of fashion and art is the key to my success this year, I have met the most amazing people and am honored to be part of their work! This year my friend and photography mentor – Alan, moved to Wales. Alan was constantly putting up with my questions and often my stupidity,  as well as motivating me and teaching me. Even though he is many miles away he still gets phonecalls at stupid hours asking “which lens should I buy?” to which he spends his time searching for me and I owe him  a HUGEEEEE thankyou!

I think when someone told me ‘I wouldn’t make it’ it gave me a very helpful boost. Removing negative people from my life and gaining talented and true friends has made me feel like I can achieve anything. Without being too soppy I am really proud of my work this year.

So many people to say thankyou to and you know who you are – you make all the hard work fun and worth while.

I was so lucky to be involved in the Parcha Productions Exhibition this year, held at the Art Pavillion in London. Was so surreal to watch people staring at my photos and taking photos with them; was definitely one of my proudest moments so far! Thankyou to Nawal and team for involving me.

So so much love to everyone who believes in me and has taken the time and effort to help me, interview me, work with me, teach me and put up with me in general!!! My portfolio has tripled in size and I am soooooo happy with what I’ve achieved.  Already planned shoots for Jan 2013 so watch this space…

I look forward to what 2013 will bring!

Saskia x