Saskia December 27, 2014

Not quite sure where to start… If anyone still reads these, thank you!

The last twelve months have flown by and when looking back I realise things I thought I did a few weeks back were shot in March!
Its been a very fast, odd, overwhelming year to say the least.
Also welcome to my new website! I thought deserved a makeover and things were getting a bit jumbled on my previous site.
You can now flick through my photography by story and editorial on the homepage!

Things started how I left them in 2013, just testing and trying to get published. I told myself in January I would try to get in at least one print magazine so that was my main goal.
I didn’t know how I was going to do it but now I have my images in 8 print magazines, 2 magazines featuring mini interviews from me and 1 front cover. I have also been mentioned in the kickstarter campaign for Atlas Magazine to launch their online fashion publication in print, which is great!

Atlas Magazine, Turning Pro, and In Clover

‘Keep Shooting’ Turning Pro Magazine, ‘Sweetness & Light’ Professional Photographer Magazine, ‘Land & Light’ Photography Monthly Magazine, ‘Fawn’ Atlas Magazine, In Clover Magazine Front Cover. 

So yeah, that was a fun part of my year.
Nothing beats walking into a shop and seeing your photos in print, even better walking into Selfridges in London and seeing copies of In Clover lined up with my front cover.

As well as print I have had some online publications too and more recently three features for Wonderland magazine.
I was asked to shoot some girls from Profile Models (my favs) and of course said yes. Each feature asks the girls some questions and is accompanied by their beautiful photos, shot by me and some of my favourites – Lauren, Camilla and Loui. Always a good team…

Saskia Lawson's photography for Wonderland

As well as my personal fashion work I have also been busy shooting for various clients, and recently more fashion based ones which has been great.
I still do actor/dancer portfolios but recently after trying to steer my commissioned pieces in a more fashion direction I have done some great lookbooks for designers.
I have a real trouble not trying on the designers clothes, especially fluffy ones!!! So apologies to everyone who’s clothes I squeezed into this year, its just cos I love them so much.

Saskia trying on fashion designer's clothes

Shooting with Caitlin Charles-Jones and her amazing balaclavas, Annie & I wearing bonnets by Min Cho, Again Annie & I wearing Joanna Pybus & Johanne Dindler, Maxine our amazing model and myself wearing Jessica Broas headpieces, Me and the love of my life coat by Joanna Pybus. 

In the studio I have worked with a lot of new faces. Most being beautiful models but some being team members, and some animals too actually…
On a normal shoot you would probably find myself, Lauren Phelan (my usual mua), a 6ft stunning model and my cat Ishy.
I dont recall ever struggling for room in my studio but now teams keep getting bigger and everyone has an assistant! Of course I love it, the more the merrier and I have made some great friends through shooting together.
Ishy is still a permanent fixture in the studio usually taking up half the sofa or stealing the models chair. Thank you to all you lovely lot for so, so, SO much fun this year.


In the studio behind the scenes

3 models in 2 hours with Amber Lauren & Loui, Annie Ishy and Lauren being my assistants, Ishy trying on the accessories, Shooting in Frensham for a 2015 editorial (eek)

Behind the scenes for SYN and Photography Monthly

Annie and our model Nancy shooting for SYN, Lucy my love shooting for Photography Monthly, Ishy having a snuggle on set, happy team in the sun. 

Shooting with my favourites for a Marc Jacobs feature, shoot for my girl Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung, beautiful Chloe Flowerdew, Dom Nina & Edith on our recent test. 

I went back to my old college (where I studied photography) this summer to talk to some students contemplating freelance over university. Hopefully it was of some help to them, I thought it was best to be completely honest because it was not easy and I had the shock of my life when leaving college! Since then I’ve had lots of lovely emails from other students at other colleges asking advice and some asking questions for artist research which makes me SO HAPPY. I once joked to my teacher as I wrote one of my artist researches that one day when I was established a student would write one about me. I am nowhere near yet but answering questions and giving advice to people who are in the same position as I was is just the best thing ever. I hope I can help a little bit?! I told all my horror stories in the hope people don’t do the same! As well as that I showed my magazines and did a little presentation (mega embarrassing), some really lovely things have happened recently so it was nice to show my old teachers too.

In Clover fashion editorial front cover

Beautiful picture I pinched from someone! Our lovely cover for In Clover, Words from the girlies @ BeExposed, Features on, My print copy of SYN Magazine.

My little collection, Giving a presentation to college students, Poster found at my old college!, An appropriate message on the spine of Photography Monthly.

My story in Atlas Magazine, Lovely words from Bryony @ In Clover, A copy of Turning Pro and a little message for my mentor – Alan, my story in the print version of BeExposed Magazine. 

Thats my 2014 squeezed into one article (mainly photos sorry) it seems quite small but for me these twelve months have been really important. I am so happy and so grateful for everyone I have worked with, thank you to every client, everyone who trusts me enough to use me!!!.. to my friends for dealing with my ridiculous worries and endless phone calls (you know who you are) to my parents for supporting me for yet another year, to everyone who published me and all the beautiful girls and boys I have shot. Its been a dream and I can’t wait to try even harder in 2015.