Saskia June 29, 2015

As every photographer knows, having your work in print is a must. Whether it be for a personal collection or a client meeting.

Until recently I had never heard of Fast Print, I print my images locally as I found this easier than working with a larger company.
From Fast Print I got a selection of A4 booklets, featuring a range of my images and also two A3 posters.

The booklets are neatly stapled and the perfect size to take around to client meetings.
Mine carry 24 images although there was an option to add 40.
In my work colour is a massive focus. Previously I have found some prints do not show some of the colours at their best but the Fast print booklet shows them all off brilliantly. With a gloss finish they look as if they could have been pulled from a magazine.
I absolutely love the booklets, they are perfect to hand out at meetings being light and thin, whilst still looking professional.

As well as the booklets I was also gifted a few a3 posters of two of my recent favourite images.
In my studio I like to have large images on the walls so these posters were perfect.
I chose gloss posters as this is how I prefer to see my work printed. I printed 1 black & white and one vibrant colour image to test out the quality of print.
The colour image came out perfect, in fact the quality is so good I can see tiny photoshop errors I was unable to see on screen!!!
Every colour is spot on, I am so pleased with the prints and cannot wait to get these in frames for the studio.

Would I use Fast print again? 100% yes. The delivery was certainly fast, the quality I cannot fault and the customer service is great.
After spending hours shooting and editing these images I am so pleased to see them printed at their best.

Thank you Fast Print!!!