Saskia June 28, 2014

Considering my last post was March 12th I have done quite a bit since.

Turning Pro Magazine feels like so long ago, since then Adam Scorey and his team very kindly have featured me in Photography Monthly Magazine & Professional Photographer Magazine.
For PM I was given the task to shoot my own Fashion story in unfamiliar territory – An Allotment. I got great responses from this and even though the initial idea terrified me, I love the final shots. Seeing my photos in a magazine doesn’t get old, I again nearly wept a little in Sainsburys when I finally got my hands on a copy. Photography Monthly magazine article

Saskia Lawson with her editorial in Photography Monthly

Being a reader of Professional Photographer Magazine from a young age it was quite a shock when my name was featured and I was called a pro. Bit scary.
Along with a bunch of fellow photographers I was asked what my ‘Wish List’ would be if I were given Adams credit card. If only…
I think mine turned out the cheapest surprisingly. (I was trying to be polite)
Again, I ran to Smiths and did a dance of happiness when I saw my geeky face featured in the magazine. Me and my mum celebrated with ice lollies.

Saskia Lawson's editorial in Professional Photographer magazine

May also saw the arrival of In Clover Magazine Issue 1, the beautiful creation from Bryony Hipkin. This included a story shot by me and MY FIRST PRINT FRONT COVER EEEEH. Walking into Selfridges in London and seeing my photography on front front cover was just amazing!
Still feels good to say that.
Being sold in UK and Internationally, how surreal.

In Clover Magazine Issue 1

As well as print I have also been fortunate enough to feature in online Magazines and Online webitorials.

For SYN Magazine I shot ‘Ivory Illusions’ with some of my favourites.
Working with people you love makes the best photos.

SYN Magazine Ivory Illusions editorial


Two stories for Hope Street Online in the space of a month! Both very different. 
‘Bold & Bright’ was an idea Annie and I had wanted to do for a long time.
We eventually seized the day and bravely styled and shot 10+ dogs.
I could not have been happier with the outcome.

Hope Street Magazine Bold & Bright editorial


‘The Crooked Kind’ while being shot before the previous Editorial took a little longer to come out.
I got stuck in a rutt when editing these images and after a number of refusals I felt very protective over the story. Hope Street although loved the story and very kindly featured this one for me too.

Hope Street Magazine - The Crooked Kind editorial


So much fun. 

That sums up 3 months.
Seems weird looking back at it.
I had a long train journey today and after a lot of thinking I felt a bit funny about it all. The main reason being I turn 21 in less than 2 weeks. It may sound a little pathetic but I would quite like to stay at 20. In this industry I feel like I am constantly rushing to get better quicker than I grow up. This time of year always makes me think as it marks the dates I left school, college and started a business.
Its been 5 years since school and 3 since college, I’ve been going it on my own for 3 years and feel like I should have a lot more to show for it.
I met up with my college photography teacher (a saint for putting up with me and my best friend for 2 years) and after a couple of hours I felt a tad mean cos I confessed a bit of disappointment with the college course we are taught as students. Photography is taught as an Art subject which is correct, but what is lacking is the business element you need to actually survive as a little fish in a big pond.
I see my first, maybe 2 years as a photographer as trial and error, there was nobody to help and nobody to tell me what to expect. I had to learn business by going out there and getting screwed over by a few clients.
This could have saved a lot of time and a lot of tears if we had been briefed in college how brutal people can be in this industry. Photography is portrayed as a beautiful, dreamy art subject but its everything but when its your full-time job. (Well, at the moment for me)
It may seem odd me saying this considering I chose not to go to Uni, but to be honest it looked like uni was 3 more years of this. I would be leaving uni now, at this age with no knowledge and no contacts.

Am I ranting? I may be ranting.

I am extremely happy with the progress this year. Despite my moaning.
I do feel very lucky to have been given the opportunities and to get to shoot with the people I do. I don’t know whether I have found my style yet but I know what I like and what I don’t like. I used to shot whatever, whenever just to practice but now I do think ‘na, thats not gonna help’
One thing I am over coming is controlling those awful days where you want to give up and cry. I remember the day somebody told me I would never make it as a photographer, it hurt and was possibly the worst thing someone could have told me at that point. But now on a bad day I remember that person saying that and I think, hmm I have achieved a hell of a lot more than they ever imagined I could. So if you are reading this, :).

I have a bit of a bald patch now and not much going on.
Thats a lie, I do have stuff coming up but I am taking a few quiet weeks as I turn into an adult. Hopefully my 21 year old self will be better than the 20 year old Saskia and I can push things further. Things will seem quiet compared to the couple of months I’ve just had.
This has helped, thoughts and feelings are out and online. BRILL.

Ok I have written a lot. Maybe its cos I have been watching too much Sex and The City.
I am not Carrie Bradshaw.