Saskia September 22, 2012


I thought it was time for a change and after months of being busy with shoots I finally have completed my site.

Thankyou so much to Tanvi who came up with the design and my lovely Aidan for completing it and putting up with the worlds worst client (me)

I havent blogged since June and things have been pretty busy these last few months. I turned 19 and with only 1 year until I am an official adult I decided to focus harder, since then I have taken on more client jobs as well as defining my personal style in new collaborations.

Some client jobs include fashion companies Gossipi,  Max C London and ISWAI – Caggie Dunlops new brand.

I also had my first ever interview, which was very exciting!

In September I had my first editorial published in the editors pick of HUF magazine. ‘Uzuri’ was a tribal themed shoot with accessories from Rouge Pony & 16 Braunton. Chhimmi was our makeup artist and we got a stunning girl from Lenis – Naima.

I could ramble on forever. But instead here are some behind the scenes shots of the past few months.


ISWAI behind the scenes photoshoot16 Braunton headpiece photographyMUA Chhimmi Gurung