Saskia April 21, 2012

I saved up all my pennies and on the 14th & 15th travelled up to Hasselblad Studios in London for a two day workshop with my idol – Fashion Photographer Lara Jade (more information here!).

Lara Jade’s photography is unbelievably beautiful and she gets every single detail perfect.

I felt very lazy when the other workshop attendees said where they had travelled from; some had come from Holland and even one from Australia. It just shows how good her work is and how far people are willing to travel to learn from her.

Hasselblad studios was unreal! There were a few Hasselblad cameras around for us to use but I was terrified to even pick one up.  A lovely lady from Elle Russia was at the workshop documenting the teaching and she also had a chance to see our photography, I was very happy with her comments on my photos.  I was more terrified when Lara had to see my photos, she is such a big inspiration to me and to have her tell me she loved it was just AMAZING!!!!

The models were stunning as you can see from the results. It was so good getting to work with the makeup artists and stylists, the whole theme and style of the shoot was executed perfectly.  There were many different arrangements for us to shoot so I got a variety of shots.

Day One of the workshop was spent shooting, and Day Two included a business seminar and then a lesson on editing using Lightroom and Photoshop. The business side of the course was so beneficial, I learnt so much from Lara Jade and her experiences. The editing was hard but I picked it up well, I have so many bad habits on Photoshop and the course has got rid of them! (for now!!!)

The two days went really fast but everybody was lovely and we all took some great photos! Meeting Lara Jade was a dream, she is so inspiring. I recommend this to anybody, so much fun and so much useful knowledge.

Lara Jade Workshop behind the scenes…

Lara Jade taking a photograph

Hasselblad Camera

Behind the Scenes at the Lara Jade Workshop

Inside Hasselblad Studios

Saskia Lawson with Fashion Photographer Lara Jade