Saskia December 28, 2015

Hello again.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year first of all, how quick did this year go… ?!
I very nearly didn’t write one of these posts but keeping in tradition I’m going to do a short one.

On paper it doesn’t look like I have achieved much this year, but as a photographer I feel things have changed dramatically.
My attitude to the job, my day to day life and my experiences.
Half way through the year things started to get really tricky balancing my part time job with personal work and more importantly incoming client work, I made the decision to leave my job after 6 years which was so hard. As soon as paid work started to come in I had to take things more seriously, especially the retouching side of the job as this was slacking. Leaving all my friends at work to go and work alone at home was not as fun as you would imagine, I miss them ridiculous amounts and spending 9 hours at my desk alone can get a little boring. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends who I can FaceTime and sit in silence for hours on end, makes it a bit more bearable. Making this my full-time job hasn’t been an easy transition so far, but that was to be expected and nothing good comes easy.

2015 has seen some of my favourite shoots and images, both published and personal work.

‘Spectrum’ for SYN Magazine – January 2015

Diana Vickers, Niomi Smart and Tess Ward for Atlas Magazine – September 2015

Beauty with Athena Paginton for Material Girl Magazine – February 2015

Motel Rocks, TFNC London and WalG Advertising Work – March to September 2015

Invader Girl for Schon Magazine – June 2015

Selection of Test Shoots 2015

Short and sweet. I’m now going to write my 2016 goals! Thank you so much to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year, and to the people who continue to support me and follow my work.

Lots of love.