Saskia December 29, 2013

I’ve neglected my blog too much recently so I think it deserves a full 2013 article.

It feels like only months ago I had written down my goals for the year, goals that went completely out the window if I’m being honest! These twelve months have been full of lessons, if you put it down on paper it would seem I’ve achieved nothing. But for me, my photography has improved and my style is becoming clear.  Last year I was so busy chasing what everyone else seemed to be doing, like getting submissions in online magazines when I didn’t really understand what I wanted to shoot.

After meeting new, inspiring and creative people and shooting more test shoots than I can even remember I think I am finally beginning to find myself as an artist (cheesy).
I got to a point at the start of last year when I looked at my work and saw no theme, no style and no progression. It was messy and a reflection of me shooting whatever I could at the time.  Looking back at things I’ve shot recently I can now see what my future style will be like, and I feel braver to take on bigger projects.

I have to mention an extremely special person I met at the start of the year. Yes Lauren I’m talking about you. I cannot thank you enough for the effort you have put into our shoots, and the flawless results and the creativity you bring onto set. As for all the stunning girls/guys I’ve shot – thank you for making my pictures so beautiful!!! The home studio has had a makeover and is looking lovely. Its managed to survive the winter flooding – for now anyway….

Fashion Photography collage

Most weeks I have played around with ideas and lighting on test shoots with Lauren. We have had to style many of the shoots ourselves as stylists are such rare mystical creatures…
Some of my favourites –

Test shoot of model wearing blue outfit
December 13, Test shoot with Akvile @ Profile Models, Makeup & Hair by Lauren Phelan

Test with Isabelle Falconer
March 13, Test shoot with Isabelle Falconer @ Profile, Makeup & Hair by Lauren Phelan, Styling by Ling Zhu

Fashion shoot with Stephanie
October 13, Test shoot with Stephanie @ Nevs Models, Hair & Makeup by Lauren Phelan, Styling by Lauren Gee

Test with Francesca Cosh
December 13, Test shoot with Francesca Cosh @ Leni’s, Hair & Makeup by Lauren Phelan

One thing I will aim to do more over the next twelve months is shoot more Fashion Editorials. I shot a few recently but still feel this is a weak point for me.
Finding interesting locations is always hard but we were lucky enough to shoot at The Elvetham Hotel, I will be on the hunt for more beautiful places like this!

Photography at Elvetham Hotel

‘The Elvetham Hotel’ September 13
Hair & Makeup by Lauren Phelan, Styling by Lauren Gee, Model is Millie @ Leni’s, Photo Assistant is Sammie Robinson  

My favourite shoot of the year was Fashion Editorial ‘The Shining’ this was originally shot for print magazine but sadly plans fell through. I still love the shoot so featured it on my blog, and I am very proud of.
Studio is still my favourite, I have improved my lighting skills this year, this editorial was putting them to test!

The Shining editorial

‘The Shining’ March 13
Hair & Makeup by Lauren Phelan, Styling by Alex Sawyer & Gill Fewins, Model is Georgia Martin @ Storm, Photo Assistant is Sammie Robinson  

Onwards & Upwards.
Thankyou for reading my little 2013 in a nutshell, I am sooooooo ridiculously excited for 2014.

Happy New Year xxx