Saskia March 12, 2014

Highlight of my year so far…. I MADE IT INTO A PRINT MAGAZINE!!!!
*one of my year goals – tick*

It was a very exciting and difficult secret to keep, in fact I didn’t even tell my parents.

I contacted Turning Pro magazine late last year when I sent in an image on a whim.
It then developed into a small interview, which then moved onto a 7 page interview including photos. Best day EVER.
The interview was put together by Editor of TP – Adam Scorey.
It was difficult trying to be honest but also sound like a professional. As a 20 year old girl Im not your usual photographer but I answered the questions in my own way and (i hope) they came out well.

Magazine front cover

The worst part was the waiting.
The magazine was released Wednesday 26th March and I didn’t get hold of my copy until Thursday 6th April!
I think anyone who was around me for those awful 8 days felt my pain.
It was all worth it when I saw my images in WH Smiths. I even shed a tear.
Opening the front page and seeing my image on the contents was amazing, the cashier seemed a little worried as I welled up and handed over the money.

Feature in Turning Pro Magazine Issue 5Interview with Fashion Photographer Saskia LawsonTurning pro magazine aricle

Thankyou to the Turning Pro team, and also to everyone who put up with a very stressed, moody, weeping Saskia during the longest wait of my life.

Go grab your copy of Turning Pro Issue 5, available in Smiths, Sainsburys and other magazine shops.

Saskia with her first print feature